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Founder / Director

For more than 20 years, James Corbett has been perfecting his craft as a master colorist. His extraordinary technical skills, forward thinking, and vision have garnered the respect of the world’s top beauty editors and influencers who regularly seek his advice .

He is known as an inspirational artist with a down to earth approach who masterfully brings out the beauty and positive energy of every client who sits down in his chair.
He believes that every client deserves a personalized and intimate experience in an environment that is intimate, not intimidating.

From the start of his career, he sought training with industry legends– first at Salon A.K.S with Frederick Fekkai and Louis Licari, and then later at Warren-Tricomi NYC with Jose Eber and before striking out on his own in 2007.

His work is seen regularly in Allure, ELLE, Cosmopolitan and Harper’s Bazaar Australia. Celebrity clients include: Christina Hendrick, Padma Lakshmi, Suze Orman, Colin Cowe and Kendell Jenner.

the painters

our colorists

Our dedicated color experts are true masters with deep insight into the physiology and chemistry of hair and command of color theory. By understanding the crucial interplay between chemistry and color, they are able to achieve a perfect shade, hue and tone and bring out the innate beauty of each of our clients.

Tina Mulryan


Years as a colorist :
33 – NYC and London

I knew I wanted to be a colorist when…
At age 16, I was transfixed by fellow salon-goer getting her highlights done. The very next week, I became a salon apprentice.

Hair Philosophy:
Healthy hair is beautiful hair

Why I Love Being a Colorist:
1. I love to paint and play with color and 2. bringing out a client’s beauty brings out her/his confidence

Pro Tip:
Don’t be afraid to bring pictures to your colorist of the
look hope to achieve.

the sculptors

our stylists

Our expert stylists have an eye for form, texture and proportion and understand the importance overall movement of hair. Working at the intersection of these disciplines they create cuts and hairstyles that harmonize with each client’s bone structure to achieve balance, harmony and gorgeousness.

Shoichi Ishida (Sho)


Years as a Stylist:
35, including nearly 20 years in Japan as an editorial stylist

I’m mindful that hair has a movement all its own. I consider how it changes when it’s wet, dry and catches the wind.

Why I love styling:
I feel like I am sculpting art, but my clients say I look like I’m dancing!

Favorite quote:
“Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration”
Thomas Edison

Secret Weapon:
Oribe Dry Texturing spray

Maria Amodeo


Years as a Stylist /Smoothing Expert:

Why I wanted to be a Hair Pro:
to help people become who they are/ how they see themselves.
Styling lets me become a part of each client’s life.

Be your own kind of beautiful

Super Power:
Listening! It allows me to apply all of my years of cutting and styling to create exceptional results .

Maryanne Kuzniar


Years as a Stylist:

I knew I wanted to be a hairstylist when:
I was child in 60s’ obsessed with the bouffants, hairpieces and flash eyelashes my older sister donned for date nights.

Hair Philosophy:
Embrace and take care of your hair.

Why I love being a Hairstylist:
It’s the pleasure factor – giving clients a sense of inner beauty and emotional solise.

Pro Tip:
Follow your heart not the trends



Ira came to James Corbett Studio in 2016 after working in management and client communications at several top salons in New York. City. Her natural sense of order and process (did we mention her formal education is as an actual rocket scientist?) has been essential to keeping our salon and clean beauty boutique humming smoothly ever since. When she’s not busy juggling our busy schedules and making sure clients are well taken care of, she can be found relaxing with friends and family or knitting one of her gorgeous sweaters or scarves (seriously, she’s amazing!)

The studio

Known for his extraordinary skill and stylish vision, it’s no wonder that James Corbett has been touted by Allure Magazine as one of the country’s top colorists, or that ELLE Magazine honored him with The Beauty Genius Award – The Gloss Boss. James has lightened the locks and tinged the tresses of Manhattan’s fashion elite, Hollywood’s hottest and the beauty industry’s most knowledgeable. Celebrities such as Christina Hendricks, Lindsey Vonn, Padma Laskhmi, Kendall Jenner, Daphne Oz, Colin Cowe and Suze Orman have patronized his namesake studio.

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